Bad, bad blogger

Hey guys,

Sorry for being MIA. I was away from home for a few weeks visiting family, and now that I'm back I'm playing catch up with school - doesn't leave me much time to blog.

But any ways... I've made a few changes to my workout plan and diet plan I can share today. Tomorrow I'm planning to post meals that I've been eating a lot of lately. I know the food post are always my favorite!

So I've made changes to my plan because I'm trying to cut out about 4-5% of body fat. I never wanted to gain a ton of muscle, in fact, I'm more than happy with how much muscle I have now. I just want to trim off the fat. So I'm trying new ways of doing that.

Workout plan: I've added lots of intensive interval training to my current plan. Bodyrock.tv has been amazing site to get my workouts!

I love Zuzana's approach to fitness. The short workouts are super tough and often times leave me feeling shaking and sick to my stomach. So don't try them thinking they're too short or easy.

Eating plan: I've dropped my carbs significantly! I've taken on the "earn your carbs" approach. This means that I have to complete a workout before I can eat oatmeal, bread, and most fruit (excluding berries and green apples).

                                   (I just love this picture haha)

If you haven't noticed from my blog, I get bored easily. I need to keep on changing things to keep myself interested in fitness and eating right. There's nothing wrong with trying new things (I encourage it!). Go out there and try something new today! It's the best way to get out of a rut.


  1. 4-5% body fat?? Yikes! Are you planning on competing?

  2. Not planning on competing. I just want to be around 14-15% bodyfat. I'm 19% right now. It's been a struggle to get lower, but I'm hoping these changes will bring me there.

  3. Have you seen this? http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=123726731

    19% is already lean! 14% is usually contest lean for figure contests- it can be dangerous in us normal folk!

  4. thanks April. There's some interesting info in that article.

  5. Glad to see you're back! I love Zuzana...she is very hardworking and dedicated. I wish she would do more food posts...its hard to tell exactly what portions of food she eats, but I think they're pretty small since she is petite and maintaining weight.

    As far as the BF stuff, the only thing I will say is that going that low could affect your fertility and monthly cycle. Everyone is affected differently though!

    When I got down to 17%, I looked very gaunt and sunken in. But that also can change, person to person!

    What made you decide of 4-5% BF, just curious? You may get the results you're looking for with less of a cut :)

  6. April, don't you always say that you're at 12% BF though?

    And Christina, I thought you were aiming for 17% again. Maybe you want more muscle at 17% this time around?

  7. No, I'm definitely not at 12%. Much, much higher than that!

  8. Christina - Hi! Thanks for the welcome back :) To be honest... I don't really care about losing my cycle. Hahaha I'd actually like to! I also think I have enough muscle to keep a shape and not look gaunt, but if I do, it's easy to gain some fat back right? ;) I picked that number after looking at pictures and seeing what other ladies BF were. 15% seems like a good number. If I achieve the look sooner, that'd be amazing! Thanks for your comments as always

  9. Ahh Shayna! Losing your cycle from that leads to infertility, osteoporosis, low bone density, just to name some. I really hope you care about your health more! Although, most girls can't get to and stay at 15% anyway, but either way I'm definitely worried for your health.

  10. Anon - I will probably never try for 17% again, after realizing how my body carries my weight currently. Like I said, BF% is different for everyone, but personally, 17% was too low for my body to handle.


    As you can see in this post I did, I think I would have clean muscle definition at 19%, and that is good enough for me - I am concerned with dipping too low, as it would jeopardize my health.

    Thanks for your questions,


  11. Yes. I know about these health problems. But in all honesty, I'm far from losing my cycle. If I do, I'll seek council from my doctor. Thanks for your concern though April.

  12. Sorry, don't mean to sound like everyone is "jumping" on you.

    But yeah, losing your cycle is not as wonderful as it may sound.

    I am at a healthy weight and and body fat but haven't gotten my cycle back due to my weight/body fat dipping too low in the past for my personal body's health. My bone density has decreased and I am at risk for osteoporosis at the age of 18. Frankly, THAT SUCKS. It is not easy for everyone to just get their cycle back and honestly, do you want to have the bones of 90 year old in your youth? It sets you up for many worse things in the long run. I love, love, love to exercise, but even that puts strain on my body since I'm not having a cycle.

    I wouldn't wish this on anyone else, and to see someone KNOW about these health problems and brush them off...it's a little scary.

  13. I'm not telling you to not aim for your goals. By all means, go for them in a healthy manner.

    Just don't brush off health concerns so lightly. If you lose your cycle at any point, something needs to change. Your body is NOT happy with its current situation.