Stuck in the Snow

You know you're dedicated to working out when you get stuck in the snow twice trying to get to the gym!

This is the view outside my front door. If you can see those tire tracks, it's on that very road that I got stuck. BRUTAL conditions here in Alberta, Canada. We got about six inches of snow last night. That plus the snow we had before last night, goes past my knees when I step in it! There's still a heavy snowfall warning in effect, and it's supposed to snow until tomorrow night.

I think it's probably pointless to say that I'm missing Hawaii more than ever! Being locked up in your house, with zero groceries is less than ideal. My diet has consisted of oatmeal, egg whites, and smoothies. That's about all I can make with the food that I do have in my house.

I wanted to talk a bit about post vacation meals today. After I travel for more than a week, my body is usually craving homemade food, protein, and green tea. This vacation was special because we had a kitchen to cook healthy meals in, so my body wasn't really craving anything at all when I came home. Never the less, there was plenty of cheating in Hawaii (think oreos, wine, and nacho chips). So I've been making a special effort to get my meals back to normal.

Pumpkin Oatbran with egg whites and almond butter

Berry Oatmeal with egg whites and almond butter

Green Tea (trying to stay warm here!)

Toast with peanut butter and cinnamon


Tomato Shrimp Soup

Scrambled Eggs

That's about all it's been for the last few days. Can't wait till the roads are good enough to make a Cosco trip.

Hope the weather is better where you are!


  1. For some reason those simple meals look super delicious to me right now! I'm sick and can't go to the gym for the next few days, but on the brightside if my taste comes back I plan to make pumpkin egg white oats- I haven't had them in forever!

    Stay safe in that weather!

  2. So glad you're back; I love your blog!

    May I ask your tomato shrimp soup recipe? It looks delicious!

  3. Gotta loooove warm food when it's cold outside...
    Snow sounds so exciting to me!
    I live in Brazil, so..
    Snow isn't really a common thing!