Pictures from Hawaii

I'm back in freezing cold Canada, and missing the warm sun in Hawaii! Seriously, I could move there so easily. If only I could just pick up my life (as it is now), and move it to Hawaii.

But I did miss the blog world. I'm catching up on all your posts!

Let me share a few pics from the vacation. There were 10 of us (family members and close family friends) there renting the house. Renting a house is SO much better than staying in a hotel. We had a kitchen so I could make clean meals. It was also nice to have the freedom to stay at our own pool instead of going to a crowded beach.

Views from the house we rented in Honolulu.

Pics of the house:

This is the pool. On the other side of those four rectangular windows was our bedroom.  

The other end of the house.

The hallway to the front door. There were fish in those ponds!

The living room.

The kitchen. We were probably cooking after hanging out in the pool in this pic.

We went to Pearl Harbor.

My sister and I at a Luau on News Years Eve.

On our way home.

We did many more things while in Hawaii, but I didn't take pictures of most of them. I'm terrible at keeping my camera with me. Sorry about that.

I'm sad to be home. It was amazing to be somewhere new and exciting. But looking towards the positive. It'll be nice to get back to my old workouts. For the last ten days I've been mostly doing cardio and plyometrics because we didn't get to a gym more than once. We went one day, but the charge was outrageous. So I took it as a nice break for my muscles. We also tried out a Bikram studio while we were there. It was nice to stay active and try new things.

Look forward to more upcoming posts!

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  1. yay you're back!! You're so pretty :) Looks like a great time Hawaii - I've always wanted to go. Hopefully some day!