Recording Workouts

Hey gang,

I thought I'd take a moment to ask you about how you record your workouts, or if you even do!

Mine looks something like this:

I like to keep a record of exercises I've done, how many sets, and many reps. This is an easy way for me to keep track of my progress.

This was a different workout for me. I usually don't do chest, shoulders, and biceps on the same day. I missed my bicep workout last week, so I added it this one.

As you can see I use a chart. I find this is the easiest format to read.

  • Column 1: exercises
  • Column 2: set 1
  • Column 3: set 2
  • Column 4: set 3
  • Column 5: set 4
The numbers in the columns are the weight and the reps (ex. 30 lb/15 reps). When you see the ", that means that I did the same amount of weight or reps as the last box. 

Do you guys use something similar?


On another note, I'm picking my sister up from the airport today! I'm so excited, I hardly slept at all last night. She's been in Seattle since the end of August. I miss her so much. We're planning to finish up our Christmas shopping together, and then meet the rest of the family for dinner at my parents house.


  1. Unfortunately, I don't record my workouts IN the gym. Most of the time I actually record them on my blog but of course that leaves room for error. I should start bringing a notebook in with me!

  2. I use something similar but I am so scribbly/messy with mine that only I know what I'm talking about! Ha! I write down what exercises I have planned and how much weight and reps I did last time, and then I write down as I do them how many reps/weights I use the next time, hopefully more than last!

  3. Is the weight per arm or total?

    I record similarly to you....when I am good and record, but if I am short on time or forget specifics, I just go with a qualitative description and indicate which body part(s) I worked. This means that I literally have entries that say run the gamut from "really hard leg day today, you cried, and wanted to vom a few times, good job" to "only 40 minutes sh*tty shoulders today, you suck"

    yeah, I know the editorials about "good" or "bad" are totally inappropriate but.... :)

  4. i love your notebook. i wish i had the patience to do that!! I store it all in my head :)

  5. Julia - the weight is a total unless I specify otherwise (like in the last row). Love your comments to yourself!! Made me laugh out loud at the airport when I read them LOL.

    Thanks for your comments everyone! Love them :)

  6. I don't log my workouts, but I am (trying to get) determined to do more strength workouts. I just tell myself I get too bored with weight lifting...