Hey gang,

It's been a long time! I missed having an outlet to share new ideas, and a way to record past ones.

Let me update you on what you can expect to get from the blog this time around.

  • Less meal-to-meal updates - meaning I won't be posting every single meal I eat. It's just too time consuming. 
  • Less posting - since I won't be posting every meal, I won't need to post 3 times a day. I'm going to aim for at least one post every 3 days.
  • More recipes - lately I've been focusing on high protein, low carb options. 
  • More workouts - I've just changed up my workout plan. Continue reading for more info!
My goals have a changed slightly since I last posted. I'm working towards lower body fat and eventually putting on muscle. I know realize this is the only way I'll achieve a "toned" look. 

New Goals:
  1. Get down to 15% body fat. Right now I'm at about 19%.
  2. Once I've reached goal 1, start putting on lean muscle.
  3. Eat clean daily with 1-2 cheat meals monthly. 
These goals have proven to be challenging. Probably the most so is the last one. My craving have been off the charts lately! Usually it's for ice cream or cookies, but for the past few days I've been dying for salty chips. So strange. I'm assuming it's my body's response to my sudden shift to low carb meals. 

Anyways. I think that's enough for one post. 

I'll be posting again soon,



  1. Hey there!

    My goals are identical to yours! I'm at about 19-20%, looking to lower body fat and put on lean mass too!

    Maybe we can help eachother out?

  2. Sure! You can email me at shayna.cutsandcurves {at} yahoo.ca.
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Awesome!

    I'll definitely be sending you a message sometime soon!