Christmas Woes

I thought I should check in. I'm still here, have no fear! Just spending time with my sister while she's still here (she's on Christmas break from school in Seattle and will be going back in a few weeks). On Boxing Day (the 26th), we're going to HAWAII! So excited to see the sun again and the ocean.

Are you all ready for Christmas? Presents bought? We're all done at our household. Usually I'm the one buying presents on Christmas Eve, but not this year! I don't even know what to do with myself.

With Christmas looming I can't stop thinking (worrying) about the food that comes along with it. I've already been to two Christmas parties, and I have to admit, they were both major cheat meals. Do you guys worry about the same things? I know in the long run meals like these won't make much difference, but I'm going to Hawaii in less than a week! BIKINIS!

Any ways, I really hope you all have an amazing Christmas!


  1. I don't really believe in calling food cheat meals anymore- if it fits in your macros, it works! I've been eating cookies post workout lately and love it :D

    I'm ready for Christmas! I'm eager for my loved ones to open their presents and I'm excited for my bodybugg! Ha!

  2. Omg!! Have fun in HAWAII!! I'm so jealous!!! Take lots of pics :)