My Bucket is Gone


I'm terribly sorry for not posting last night. I just didn't have the oppertunity. D and I ate dinner and then right after, I went out for coffee with my friend Caitlyn. When I got home, D was using the computer as a study tool. So unfortunately, I could not post. I do have all the pictures from last night to bring to you today though! YAY!

So dinner was delish! I made chili around 4 p.m. so it would have time to sit and stew in all it's delicious glory.

I love eating chili with whole-wheat nacho chips.

Yum-O as the lovely Rachel Ray would say.

Breakfast was a little surprising. I thought that tub of oats would last me at least 5 mornings, boy, was I wrong. D did have some of the oats out of the bucket, so it wasn't just me who burned through that tub in 3(ish) mornings!

There wasn't much left for me when I came down to the kitchen to eat this morning. So I added a whole banana, a scoop of peanut butter, and sprinkling of D's blueberry blast trailmix.

You can't even see the oatmeal!

There that's better.

Well I have a coffee calling my name. I'll talk to you all after lunch!

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