Two in One


Today has been a semi-unusual day for D and I. We slept in a little too late... well actually a lot too late. We were supposed to be at church for 8:30, but we didn't even get up till 8! So we quickly got ready, skipped breakfast, and made it to church 5 minutes early. The unusual part is that we skipped breakfast. I personally hate doing that. During church we passed notes on what we wanted to do for breakfast/lunch. We decided on scrambled eggs with bacon, hash-browns, and toast. After church, we stopped at the grocery store and picked up some potatoes for hash-browns, oh, and a coffee for me :) (D's not a coffee fiend, like I am).

This was my plate, but both D's and my favorite part of today's breakfast/lunch was the hash-browns. They had a nice crunch on the outside, and a soft inside.

Well back to homework! Have a lovely Sunday.

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