So Jealous!

Hello everyone!

If you haven't read Jenna's post from last night, over at Eat, Live, Run, I highly suggest you do so. She had dinner with two contestants from Top Chef; Eli, and Kevin. AMAZING, isn't it? Then tonight she gets to try out their cooking at Murphy-Goode. So surreal. Top Chef is one of my favorite shows, which is why I'm so jealous.

Any ways, on a less exciting topic: Breakfast.

I had a bowl of oats (what else?), with a fuji apple, peanut butter, maple syrup, and cinnamon. Oh yes, and then a little sprinkling of granola. Very tasty.

Today I have class at 2 p.m. - a good thing because I have an assignment for tomorrow I'm not even half way done yet! I'm working on it though.

Talk to you soon :)

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