Another Come Back?

I know I've been away for quite awhile! I had a really hard time adjusting to so many changes in my life that were happening all at once (marriage, quitting my job, school, etc.), but now I feel like I have them under control. At least under control enough to start blogging again! I've missed it! 

There's a significant change I think I need to share with everyone!

My hair colour! I changed it about 2 months ago. I love the way it looks, but I can't stand how often I have to get my roots done (since I'm naturally a blonde). So I've decided to go back to blonde. It's just not worth all the money I have to spend on being brunette. :( 

What else has changed? 

Well over the months I've been absent, I gained a few post wedding pounds... so recently I've been carefully watching what I'm eating and I've upped my workouts substantially. Thankfully I've noticed quite a huge difference in my body. D even told me that I look smaller than when he married me. Such a huge compliment since I've been working so hard to lose the last few pounds. 

I've also taken up running! I love, love, love it! Surprisingly my hips haven't acted up on me either (I injured them last summer while running and haven't been able to run again till recently). I'm hoping this isn't just because I haven't started running outside yet. I notice that when I put the treadmill unto an incline over 3 it does strain my hips and I have to take the incline down again. Right now I'm working on getting my millage up. I'm at about 3 and half miles, and I'm proud of the work I've done! 

Thanks for accepting me back into the blogging world! :)

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