Mid-Morning Chat

Good afternoon,

I hope you all had a great morning. It's been ANOTHER productive day (this usually doesn't happen to me ;)). About an hour after I ate breaky, I went to the gym for a killer hill workout. Then I came back and ate this little egg sponge:

Such an awesome way to get protein in me throughout the day!

Then I started to get ready for school. I packed this up to eat on my way there:

A quarter of a banana with about 2 teaspoons of almond butter and two apricots.

After school (and a midterm in Intro. to Lit.), I ate this baby:

This was soooo good. It was a tuna wrap:

half a can of light packed in water tuna
tbsp light mayonnaise
tsp mustard
2 slices of pickles

I loaded it with spinach and wrapped it all up:

It took me less than two minutes to finish this. I then made this salad (just like all my other salads):

Time to study! I have another midterm tonight. Yuck. I can't wait for this work week to be over! Only one more day :)

See ya soon!

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  1. Everything looks really good, and simple!
    I love egg whites! I can never get enough, so it would be a nice idea to have one for some extra fuel through the day. mmm...salty eggies... :)