Saturday Perfectness


I've had such an awesome day today. I woke up pretty early (considering it's Saturday), and ate another chocolate breakfast cookie. I guess I'm not over the chocolatey goodness just yet.

And thank goodness! It's just that good. I've eaten the same concoction three days this week! That's nearly unheard of for this girl. I also figured out the best way to eat them. See that beautiful cup? Well I fill it with coffee and sip it in-between each bite of my cookie. Mmmmmm.... I get goosebumps just thinking about it ;)

Shortly after this, I headed to other side of the city for a two hour workout at Prime Fitness. It was incredible! I haven't been that tired from a workout in a long long time. Just after an hour into it, it felt like I nothing left to give. It was awesome.

We did over 200 pushups, tons of lunges, squats, different variations of sit-ups, burpies, skipping... It was crazy - I'll leave it at that.

Then my mother and I went out for lunch to a place called Cafe Mosaics. It's a vegetarian restaurant located in one Edmonton's most eccentric neighborhoods, Whyte Avenue. My mom got the Pho Soup and I got the Cowgirl Breakfast. It was pretty darn good. I'd like to go back for dinner.

Since I was out of chia seeds and my mom needed a few things from Planet Organic, we decided to make a quick stop. But who can really make a stop at Planet Organic "quick"? Not us.

Here's what I got.

Almond milk in both chocolate and vanilla flavors, spelt flakes, chia seeds (!), and onions. I can't wait to see what the spelt flakes are like. We'll found out tomorrow.

Well I'm off to clean the house. I hope your Saturday turns out great! Chat soon.


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