New Template Unveiling!

Afternoon everyone,

When I woke up this morning I knew two things. I had a breakfast cookie ready to be eaten in the fridge and I needed to make a pot of coffee.

Here's the cookie:

I love the chocolate flavor so much, but I think I'll start experimenting from here on in. Today's cookie subsided my chocolate cravings. I think a cinnamon raisin cookie sounds pretty spectacular.

Here's the coffee:

Coffee in my Coldplay mug. D bought it for me when we went to see them last year. It's just about the perfect size for my morning cup of joe.

I don't have photos to show you of my lunch, but it's ok, cause it was pretty much the same as my supper last night.

After class, I made D's dinner - Chili. It's in the slow cooker getting all nice and.... cooked? Then I snacked on this:

Another one of my protein bars; the last protein bar unfortunately. This one was the cinnamon bun flavor. MmmmMmmm good.

Do you like the new template? I do!

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