A Little Mexican in My Life

Afternoon to you all,

Let me just say that driving your best friend to the airport after spending 10 days together for reading week sucks. :( I just got home from doing this... we did stop for Mucho Burrito, which redeemed the trip a bit.

I had the Vegetarian Burrito with guacamole, black beans, lots of veg., cilantro and jalapeno peppers.

Tasty stuff my friends.

Tonight D, myself and another friend are going to see the Fray! We're pretty excited. I'll try to take some pics with my iphone, since they won't let my cannon in.

Have an awesome afternoon :)


  1. Thanks for your kind words Shayna. We're pleased that you enjoyed your vegetarian burrito. What location did you visit?

  2. I went to the Edmonton location on 137th Avenue. Thanks for your comment!