Hi Fellow Bloggers,

I did have leftovers tonight. Leftovers from yesterday's dinner to be exact.

The turkey ragu is one of those meals that just keeps getting better the longer it sits, like chili. I remade a small pot of polenta. Polenta is at it's prime when eaten immediately after the cooking process.

For the polenta I brought a cup of milk, and a cup of chicken stock up to a boil. At this point, I quickly added the cornmeal slowly into the bubbling mixture. Stirring continuously, until the combined ingredients thickened to become about the consistency of cream of wheat. It was here that I added about a tablespoon of cheddar cheese and a bit of freshly ground pepper.

The result was creamy deliciousness. I don't think I can ever make polenta without the additive of cheese again.

Obviously it was good, if I finished that ginormous bowl all by myself.

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