Happy Halloween!

I wish I was still young enough to go tricker treating. I loved it as a kid. It was the only day of the year my mom would let me wear makeup. My sister and I used to go wild in her makeup drawer. One year, I over did my makeup so badly, I went as a chimney sweeper because my face was the colour of charcoal, and we couldn't take it off. Don't you love memories like that?

Breakfast this morning was great!

This lovely bowl of oats contains just over 1/3 of a cup of the Scottish oats (I used what I had left), lots of water (I didn't really measure it), 1/4 of a fuji apple, a splash of maple syrup, a tiny handful of granola and sprinkling of cinnamon. DELISH!

After D and I finished our breakfasts we went to the gym. We did a crossfit workout with a few alterations.

A minute of each exercise with a minute of running (6 miles per hour/10 minute mile) in between:
Box jumps
Walking lunges
Jumping pull ups (I'm terrible at these by the way)
Wall Balls
Back extensions
25lb Push press
Knees to elbows
20lb Kettle bell swings

Pretty good workout. The original workout called for a minute of rest in between each exercise, instead of a minute of running. We thought that was WAY too easy, so we altered it.

Tonight we are going over to my parents house for a Halloween party. They're having a bunch of people over for Mexican food and to watch the old country film - Tombstone. Love this movie!

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