Late Evening!

Hello AGAIN!

I just had to blog the dessert I'm enjoying right now. One of the only desserts my mother used to make for my sister when we were growing up was rice pudding. She used to make it in the pressure cooker, the oven, and the method I use - the stovetop. It's one of those combinations of flavors that brings me back wonderful memories. I thought tonight would be an excellent night to make a pot of some of this goodness. And boy was I right!

I used Elise's recipe. I have used several of her recipes and she never disappoints. Her blog, Simple Recipes is one of my favorites. The recipe I used tonight is small enough for two people, but I'll admit I could finish off the entire thing myself. I'd be tempted to do just that, if I hadn't promised I'd save D some for tomorrow.

I absolutely love raisins in my rice pudding. Elise's recipe has the perfect raisin to rice ratio. FANTASTIC! Please give this recipe a whirl, whenever you're in the mood for a comforting sweet treat.

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