And the Planning Goes On

Tomorrow is an exciting day! My mother and I are going to Banff. We have our second tasting for the reception dinner here...

The Banff Springs Hotel

The only disappointing part is that D can't come along. He has to work...

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! Hopefully I'll have internet service at the hotel.

Then on Tuesday we have the cake tasting. We're not just having one type of cake or one type of flavor. Our idea is to have one cake on each table as the table centre. There will be about 8 different cake designs and around 5 different flavors. I loved this idea because it takes away from the work we'll have to do on the wedding day and will relax the atmosphere of the reception when everyone cuts their own piece of cake. Barb (our cake lady), from Cake Creations in Canmore, will just come to The Springs on the wedding day and set the cakes up on the table. We're buying rose bowls for them to sit on. The rose bowls will be filled with different things, like rocks, moss, flowers and tea lights will be set around the cakes.

Here are some examples of what the cakes will be designed after:

Now these cakes won't be as big. Just one tear and for most of them, the top tear.

Well it's time to enjoy that beautiful Sunday sun. See you all soon! :)

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