The Good Life

I was here...

And it was even more beautiful than it is in this picture! On the drive down to Banff it was raining so hard. At one point, we were driving up a waterfall that had once been a road. Thankfully we made it there safely.

Here are a few pictures of the hotel's surroundings...

Now lets get to the important part, shall we? The food!

It's safe to say that my mother and I were completely spoiled at dinner. We had our own private room for the tasting, set exactly how it would be for the wedding (minus the table center). We had two different appetizers, four soups, four entrees and three ice creams to try.

First up was the spinach salad with goat cheese, roasted pears and balsamic vinaigrette.

The roasted pears were rocking my world with every, single, bite!

Second up to bat was the goat cheese soufflé.

This was the winner of my entire meal. I have never had a savory soufflé, I've mastered the chocolate variety but dare I say, the savory ones may even be better!

Thirdly, were these babies, the start of the soups. We had four different kinds…

Lobster bisque

Carrot ginger

Seafood chowder

Thai butternut squash

Can you guess which was the best? If you guessed the Thai butternut squash you definitely guessed right. It was deliciously creamy, perfectly seasoned and flawlessly “Thai”.

Now for the exciting part – the ENTREES.

Most of the people in my life are of the opinion that Alberta = red meat and since we want to give out guests the best experience possible when they spend time with us in Banff we want to give them red meat. Makes sense, no? Just incase there are those attending the wedding that would appreciate a lighter protein, we’d like to serve a combination plate.

One of them was the beef tenderloin with prawns, potato gratin and seasonal vegetables.

This one was just the buffalo served with potato gratin and seasonal vegetables.

This buffalo was the most tender of meats, seasoned with precision! However, it was the combination factor we were missing with this dish.

Possibly the worst dish of the night was the chicken with risotto and seasonal vegetables. Odd for me to say, isn’t it? I do love my fowl.

The flavor of the sauce was just way off for these taste buds.

The next entrée was beef tenderloin with salmon, potato gratin and seasonal veggies was quite good. The salmon was light and tasty, just what salmon should be.

Dessert time!

What's better than ice cream? Well besides clothes, pedicures and beautiful, big castles of hotels that is.

Like I said earlier, we tried four different kinds of ice cream.




The verdict? Maple all the way. It's just so Canadian. And let me just say, those baskets holding the ice cream and fruit were fantastic! So chewy and delicious. I wanted to meet the chef, just to tell him how much I loved those baskets.

The dinner was fantastic. I loved every minute of it. The food was incredible. I felt like a princess, living in a castle. What could be better?

Have a lovely day everyone.

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