Happy Canada Day!

Hey everyone! 

Just to prove my devotion to you, my readers, I'm sitting in a Starbucks writing you this post. Our internet at the ranch isn't working today. So I picked up all my work and took it to my local coffee shop :)

It's Canada Day!! We're having a quading/dirt biking day out at the ranch, followed by a huge feast (pictures to follow :))

First let me show you how my morning started. 

I made myself one of these...

I did give up coffee, but ever since I had a horrible sleep the other night, I've been back on it! I remember hearing that coffee can actually be good for you if taken in moderate amounts and if you keep yourself hydrated. I'll make sure to research it and get back to you all. 

Then went out on our deck to enjoy the morning sun...

A little later I enjoyed a great breakfast with my parents and D. This sandwich brings me right back to my childhood. My mother would make fried egg sandwiches for my sister and I. Mine always had a TON of ketchup on it, spiraled into artwork. I'm a sucker for anything that's smothered in ketchup. 


And now here I am. I'm really hoping that the internet smartens up so I can tell you all how the quading night went. If not, I'll figure something out for tomorrow! 


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