Home Again, Home Again!

What a whirlwind! I love busy trips, but this one was SO busy I only found time to work out once in the 3 days we were in Toronto. Not ideal, but what can you do? The trip really was amazing. I'll be sharing a few stories and pictures a little later in the day. I just have so much to get done before my wedding day hair trial at 2. Including a good, hard workout!

I just might have stolen an idea for this breakfast from Heather Loves Almond Butter. This was such an awesome idea, I couldn't help myself. The oatmeal itself was subpar, however. I forgot to add cinnamon and there wasn't enough almond butter left in my jar. I guess I'll just HAVE TO go grocery shopping to pick some more up.

The perfect pairing. Oatmeal and coffee... yummmm. I'm officially addicted to caffeine. Especially over this last weekend. The only way D's mom could get me out of bed was offer me a steaming hot cup of joe.

I'll see you all a little later. Have a wonderful day!

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