Home on the Range

I tried so hard to post last night after dinner, but it just wasn't my fault! The internet out at the ranch isn't the best quality and last night it wasn't working. You have my apologies.

I'd still like to post my dinner, if that's alright?

It was a celebratory dinner. I found out yesterday that I got into the writing program I applied for. It's very exciting. So I got to pick what we'd have for dinner. I chose CHICKEN BURGERS, baked fries, a romaine salad and corn on the cob. Another ranch meal!

Here's me, cutting up those delicious fries.

Here is the salad we had. It had romaine, olive oil and vinegar garlic dressing, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, and sunflower seeds. Easy peasy.

Here are the potatoes coming out of the oven (these are my favorite).

Why are dad's always the best BBQers? Here he is finishing up the burgers and corn.

And then here's the lot of it! Everything tasted great and shared with even better company.

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