Another First

I finally had an opportunity to write a product review. I'm not sure how all of you out there feel about egg sandwiches, but I happen to be very fond of them. The texture of an egg patty is a wondrous thing.

For lunch today I decided to treat myself by not packing a lunch and going out! Simple and easy - just the way I like it.

I decided to try out the Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Egg Sandwich from Starbucks.

I confess. I'm a Starbucks junky. If anyone wants to find me on my lunch hour, they know where to go. And obviously it's Starbucks. I can hardly go a day without my caffeine fix.

But I have to admit, this sandwich would not have me speeding any faster while I'm driving to my local coffee shop. It kind of reminded me of cardboard - not exactly what I wanted to eat at lunch. There wasn't much flavor, it needed some ketchup or something.

So I'll be sticking to this...

A medium blend coffee with one milk and one sweetener. Now, when's my next coffee break??

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