One of my Perfect Saturdays

Perfect is a strong word, your right... and I did get a little burnt by the sun today, but my day was as close to perfect as us humans can aspire to achieve.

We spent our morning at the farmers market. This is my favorite farmers market in our little city. There's a great variety of booths - things from furniture to jam and it's located in the art district. There are some really beautiful buildings in the markets radius.

After we shopped around we decided it was time for lunch.

At this place:

D had the Farmers Omelet

And I had the Veggie Omelet

Both come with hashbrowns and 7 grain toast (which we got dry). After I snapped the picture, I scraped off all the cheese. I'm not a huge fan of cheese to be honest. The pictures were taken by my iphone, so forgive the poor quality.

Those are the highlights... my favorite part you ask? Spending another beautiful day with my dear fiance is my answer.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

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