Dinner Party Fun

Hey gang,

Soooooo I have no photos from lunch. It was too depressing to record. I packed up a baggy of goldfish, a pear, and a chopped up tomato. Pathetic, no?

I did make a batch of pumpkin cookies when I got home. I used a recipe from Carrots and Cake. Now Tina knows cookies.

After class I ran to the grocery store and picked up a few things we needed for dinner tonight. We had my parents over for tilapia, couscous salad, and mixed green salad. I LOVED the tilapia. I used this recipe.

This was my plate of food. Soooo good.

My mom brought over this cheese plate.

This is from a goat farm in Canada. The owners were featured on Food Network not long ago. My favorite was the one in the middle at the back. My mom gave it to us :)

She also brought us these beautiful flowers! So pretty. She made the arrangement herself (she used to be a florist).

Well, we're watching a show on super cars. I can't miss ANY more! Night friends.

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