Our Home

Hey gang,

Since today is going to be lacking in the food picture department, I thought I'd show you around our home a little bit. These pictures are from when we took possession, so there isn't any furniture.

This is outside our front door. We're holding up the sold sign. We were so happy that day!

This is part of our living room. From where the picture was taken is where the front door is.

This is part of our kitchen/dining space. Where those pails are is eventually where our dishwasher went.

This photo was taken after D moved in, which is why there is things on the counter. I put up this picture because it shows the other side of the kitchen. The fridge is still missing (it's to the right).

This photo is of part of our bedroom. I think I'm going to have to take some more photos of what our home looks like with all the furniture. I'll be more thorough in my picture taking.

This is our backyard. Tiny, isn't it? I'm looking forward to having a bigger backyard eventually!

D and I are off to dinner with a couple of friends. They just had their second baby last week. I'm so excited to see him!

Night guys :)

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