My Way of Procrastinating

... is blogging of course!

I hope your evening has been fantastic thus far. Ours has been laid back, but right after I finish writing this post it's time to hit the books.

Pretty much right after my last post I had this to hold me over till dinner.

I love this flavor. Mmmm Mmmm good.

Then I scanned YogaDownload.com for a while, and bought the deal of the day. I didn't even see they had those! I'm planning to try it tomorrow.

D came home from work, and I made dinner.

For him - chicken ravioli and tomato sauce

For her (me) - vegetarian chili taco salad

I made it using the vegetarian chili from a few days ago, mixed greens, 1/4 green bell pepper, and nutritional yeast. It was pretty good, but it wasn't nearly enough calories to keep me full all night.

Soooooo, D and I hit up Superstore for a little frozen yogurt.

We usually just get the chocolate flavor, but today we decided on Cappuccino. AND we're SO glad we did!

It's yummy yummy. And yes, those are flakes of chocolate.

Alas, I must leave... I have a 3000 word paper to write.

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